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Unpacking Kaleza.PH

Are you an online merchant selling your products thru Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or in other social networking and online shopping sites? Inspite of this, you still long on improving your sales by having unlimited number of resellers under your network? If you are, we have a great news for you!

Introducing Kaleza.PH

Kaleza.PH is the latest breakthrough in the online marketing industry where you can create your own online store for FREE and create a host of online resellers to leverage your marketing potential and boost sales revenue as a result. Just upload your products or services and leave the dirty work to us. We pick-up your items and deliver them to your clients. And, there's more than that! We don't only give you a FREE online store but also we reward you of up to P10,000 (pesos) a day through our unique referral incentive program.

Grab to My Store

No products to sell online? We've got good news for you!

"Grab to My Store" is a unique feature of KPH where all store account members can grab “grabbable” items (with the hand grab icon) into their own store and resell them. As a RESELLER, you will earn commissions for the grabbed items sold in your store. Your reseller commission for the grabbed items will depend on the percentage that the store owner has set. This feature of setting the reseller commission is available only in BUSINESS STORES.

And if your store is a BUSINESS account, you can leverage and boost your sales by making your OWN items grabbable and create unlimited number of resellers as a result. Let's take the above scenario for example. What if you have 1,000 KPH members grabbing your item and sharing it to their social media accounts like Facebook. Let's just say you only get 1% sale per day. That's 10 purchases per day. What if 10,000 members grab your item and just get 1% sale per day. That's 100 purchases per day!

Our Affordable Packages and Competitive Service Fees

All 3 packages (accounts) share common KPH functions like managing your ads, store settings, dashboard, shopping cart, inventory, MY STORE, GRAB TO MY STORE, transactions, and a lot more.

Creating your online store with Kaleza.PH is FREE! Your account is Regular by default which has all the basic e-commerce functions from purchasing online to shipment and you can grab up to 12 items from other member stores to your store and start selling them online. However, only paid Premium and Business store members are qualified to our Referral Incentive Program (Project ATOM) which has the potential income of up to P10,000 per day as additional income.

*For the freebies, you can select from the available upgrade options in our shop.

KPH Service Fee

We only charge a very small amount per sale.

  • Regular: ( [ Deal Price ] * 5% ) + Fixed Fee **
  • Premium: ( [ Deal Price ] * 3.5% ) + Fixed Fee **
  • Business: ( [ Deal Price ] * 2.75% ) + Fixed Fee **

    ** Fixed Fee = P50.00 per transaction (and not per item)

KPH is mobile-friendly

Kaleza.PH is designed for desktop and mobile devices. You can use it with any browser like Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Edge, Opera, or any built-in browser that comes with your gadget.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and get your store up and selling in no time!


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