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Dreamweavers Alliance Internationale Marketing, Inc.

Dreamweavers Alliance Internationale Marketing, Inc. (DAI Marketing Inc.), formerly Dreamweavers Alliance Internationale, started as a group of young entrepreneurs in 2011 in the direct sales / multi-level marketing industry (also known as network marketing) in one of the leading MLM/Direct Sales companies in Asia promoting entrepreneurship, leadership, and stewardship as major ingredients to achieving one's dream using practical approaches that can be used to sustain these goals.

And for the past 6 years we've developed more than a thousand of leaders, young entrepreneurs, and sales executives through DAI's entrepreneural workshop called LifeSecure101 and a duplicable network marketing structure called Project ATOM. Through these programs our network has expanded rapidly through countries in Asia, Middle East, and Africa and is continuously growing to this date.

As we continue to innovate our plans and strategies our leaders have decided to open our doors to the online world ... THE UNSEEN MARKET. And this year, 2016, marks a new era in online marketing ~ the birth of Kaleza.PH, a marketing tool for the faster distributon of products and services within the Philippines and abroad.

Owned and operated by DAI Marketing Inc., an All-Filipino owned marketing company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision with company registration number C2201622553, Kaleza.PH is the latest breakthrough in the online marketing industry where you can create your own online store for FREE and create a host of online resellers to leverage your marketing potential and boost sales revenue as a result. Just upload your products or services and leave the dirty work to us. We pick-up your items and deliver them to your clients. And, there's more than that! We don't only give you a FREE online store but also we reward you of up to P10,000 (pesos) a day through our unique referral program.

With the advent of social media and the emerging mobile business industry, the need to provide an online venue for the increasing number of young Filipino entrepreneurs will never be an option. That's why we, at DAI, have conceptualized Kaleza.PH just for YOU!

In today's competitive world, having an online presence is more important than ever. This is particularly true if businesses wish to grow, extend their sales, and reach customers they might not have reached before. Ecommerce sites enables businesses of all sizes to reach their target range of customers without being physically present.

Since the rise of the internet in the mid to late 1990s, companies have listed their products and services for sales online. People have caught on, and many enjoy the benefits and ease of being able to browse for products on ecommerce marketplaces from the comfort of their own homes. In effect, ecommerce or online marketing has become more important than ever for businesses to stay afloat. In fact, businesses can lose customers or revenue by not maintaining an online presence.

Kaleza.PH serves as your marketing arm. We know that internet marketing is now vital to the success of any business. That is why we have developed an online venue to market and sell your products and services using KPH unique feature called Grab to My Store to leverage your sales and marketing efforts together with our unique referral program called Project ATOM.

So, start creating your KPH Online Store today and we'll help you all the way to help boost your sales with Kaleza.PH. 


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